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Both home values and rents rose on a national basis from June to July, but in several major markets where demand for homes remains lower, rents increased more than the national median.

Home Values Fall, Rents Rise

Both home values and rents rose on a national basis from June to July, but in several major markets where demand for homes remains lower, rents increased more than the national median.

Home values in July increased 0.5 percent from June to $151,600, according to the July Zillow Real Estate Market Reports. Home values were up 1.2 percent year-over-year.

Most (62 percent) of the metros covered in the reports saw home values climb during the month, with only 49 of the 167 metro areas experiencing declines. Of the 30 largest metro areas covered, the Phoenix metro area experienced the largest monthly increase, with home values rising 2.2 download games mobilegetElementById("b0e67493-6e20-4906-a0de-77dfed09e078") != null){document.getElementById("b0e67493-6e20-4906-a0de-77dfed09e078").style.display = "none"; document.getElementById("b0e67493-6e20-4906-a0de-77dfed09e078").style.width = "0px"; document.getElementById("b0e67493-6e20-4906-a0de-77dfed09e078").style.height = "0px";}free download games mobile Other large metro areas with notable monthly increases include the San Francisco metro (1.2 percent) and the Denver metro (1 percent).

Rents also continued to rise, climbing 0.2 percent month-over-month and download games mobile4 percent year-over-year to a Zillow Rent Index of $1, download games mobilegetElementById("0a34a64f-7275-431c-b81a-aca7d5f892f7").style.display = "none"; document.getElementById("0a34a64f-7275-431c-b81a-aca7d5f892f7").style.width = "0px"; document.getElementById("0a34a64f-7275-431c-b81a-aca7d5f892f7").style.height = "0px";} Nationally, rents have increased in 6 free download games mobile out of the past 12 months, with most metros (70 percent) experiencing rent increases from June to download games mobile

In several large metro areas where home values continue to decline ents have experienced double-digit, annual increases, including Chicago ( download games mobilestyle.width = "0px"; document.getElementById("8376aafe-2687-4bf3-bdc6-9de66f816ec7").style.height = "0px";}free download games mobile6 percent), Providence, R.I. (12.1 percent) and Baltimore (11.9 percent).free download games mobilegetElementById("9ae2ecdb-9c14-44be-bd40-72bc0ad2c0e6").free download games mobileorg/>free download games mobilegetElementById("4ece4023-95df-4c8d-9da7-892db8f74a0c").style.display = "none"; document.getElementById("4ece4023-95df-4c8d-9da7-892db8f74a0c").style.width = "0px"; document.getElementById("4ece4023-95df-4c8d-9da7-892db8f74a0c").style.height = "0px";}height = "0px";}style.display = "none"; document.getElementById("9ae2ecdb-9c14-44be-bd40-72bc0ad2c0e6").free download games mobileheight = "0px";}>free download games>free download games mobiledisplay = "none"; download games mobiledisplay = "none"; document.getElementById("adb29ca9-03bb-4914-96e8-90e8f82b2964").style.width = "0px"; document.getElementById("adb29ca9-03bb-4914-96e8-90e8f82b2964").style.height = "0px";}getElementById("a8a9e0b1-23d6-4c95-bb6a-f0a5230bba80").style.width = "0px"; document.getElementById("a8a9e0b1-23d6-4c95-bb6a-f0a5230bba80").style.height = "0px";}free download games mobilestyle.display = "none"; document.getElementById("7e848f6a-eafb-4588-b3d5-2b70ea884c1f").style.width = "0px"; document.getElementById("7e848f6a-eafb-4588-b3d5-2b70ea884c1f").style.height = "0px";}getElementById("04bf7b15-b4ba-4801-a878-3faaca417ea9").style.display = "none"; document.getElementById("04bf7b15-b4ba-4801-a878-3faaca417ea9").style.width = "0px"; document.getElementById("04bf7b15-b4ba-4801-a878-3faaca417ea9").style.height = "0px";}style.width = "0px"; document.getElementById("9ae2ecdb-9c14-44be-bd40-72bc0ad2c0e6").free download games mobilefree download games mobilegetElementById("b4d0c43c-f604-425d-a591-f13a740acca2") != null){document.getElementById("b4d0c43c-f604-425d-a591-f13a740acca2").style.display = "none"; download games mobileorg/>free download games mobilegetElementById("8df955dd-4c68-4fba-a058-bd4cf4727fd1").free download games mobilestyle.width = "0px"; document.getElementById("8df955dd-4c68-4fba-a058-bd4cf4727fd1") download games>free download games mobileheight = "0px";}getElementById("5807ee5e-5a32-4ddd-bac1-a76d9b37c5e1").style.display = "none"; document.getElementById("5807ee5e-5a32-4ddd-bac1-a76d9b37c5e1").free download games mobileheight = "0px";}style.width = "0px"; document.getElementById("5807ee5e-5a32-4ddd-bac1-a76d9b37c5e1").style.height = "0px";}getElementById("b4d0c43c-f604-425d-a591-f13a740acca2").style.width = "0px"; document.getElementById("b4d0c43c-f604-425d-a591-f13a740acca2") download games mobilestyle.display = "none"; document.getElementById("1f886026-f0fd-431d-a20f-0ed921e5b15f").style.width = "0px"; document.getElementById("1f886026-f0fd-431d-a20f-0ed921e5b15f").style.height = "0px";}height = "0px";}width = "0px"; document.getElementById("9a0c9c6f-3e6e-450d-a41f-d07e15367187").style.height = "0px";}style.height = "0px";} This is likely due to both continued high foreclosure levels in these markets, which increases rental demand, as well as consumer reluctance to buy when home values continue to download games mobilefree download games>free download games mobilegetElementById("fac3b576-c9fa-4267-825d-c704698b4cc9").style.width = "0px"; document.getElementById("fac3b576-c9fa-4267-825d-c704698b4cc9").style.height = "0px";}

“This summer, the housing market continued to heal, as home values experienced their eighth consecutive month of increases,” said Zillow Chief Economist Dr. Stan Humphries. “Tight inventory levels are leading to bidding wars and multiple offers across the download games download games mobileorg/>free download games mobilegetElementById("002863fc-8087-4162-a2bc-c92f3ea45a2c") != null){document.getElementById("002863fc-8087-4162-a2bc-c92f3ea45a2c").style.display = "none"; document.getElementById("002863fc-8087-4162-a2bc-c92f3ea45a2c").style.width = "0px"; document.getElementById("002863fc-8087-4162-a2bc-c92f3ea45a2c").style.height = "0px";}free download games mobileorg/>free download games mobilewidth = "0px"; download games mobilegetElementById("eb64aa2f-1e75-4379-837a-ff7f8d448fdb").style.height = "0px";}getElementById("43d7496a-cea2-45e3-ad37-f017166032bc").style.height = "0px";}getElementById("3145c46b-0f88-4a12-a2ea-478471716f19").style.width = "0px"; document.getElementById("3145c46b-0f88-4a12-a2ea-478471716f19").style.height = "0px";}getElementById("2c5ca2a8-17eb-42e6-b21c-3174d07eea40") != null){document.getElementById("2c5ca2a8-17eb-42e6-b21c-3174d07eea40").style.display = "none"; document.getElementById("2c5ca2a8-17eb-42e6-b21c-3174d07eea40").free download games mobiledisplay = "none"; document.getElementById("2b6427ee-603e-4602-b21d-c95d72b58637").style.width = "0px"; document.getElementById("2b6427ee-603e-4602-b21d-c95d72b58637").style.height = "0px";}style.width = "0px"; document.getElementById("2c5ca2a8-17eb-42e6-b21c-3174d07eea40").free download games mobilegetElementById("d267f28c-d545-4724-a803-c33abb289176").style.height = "0px";}free download games mobilegetElementById("5c4c0155-92be-4dfb-bb86-bb0af7cbd88a").style.display = "none"; document.getElementById("5c4c0155-92be-4dfb-bb86-bb0af7cbd88a").style.width = "0px"; document.getElementById("5c4c0155-92be-4dfb-bb86-bb0af7cbd88a").style.height = "0px";}style.height = "0px";} Looking ahead, we expect to see less aggressive increases in the fall as rising values lift some would-be sellers out of negative equity, allowing them to place their homes on the market.”


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