Wednesday , 23 April 2014
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Recovery Signals

Shadow Inventory Down 23 Percent, Foreclosure Inventory Shrinks 35 Percent

shadow inventory

The numbers of foreclosures and potential foreclosures have fallen dramatically over the past 12 months as the foreclosure picture rapidly returns to pre-2006 levels.  The decline in foreclosures in the pipeline has important ramifications for real estate investors and local markets that are returning to health as they recover from the foreclosure flood that produced 4.9 million foreclosures since 2008. ... Read More »

Rising Prices Seen Driving Investors Out


The salad days of low price tier home sales (homes selling for $95,000 and less) that fueled the recovery over the last two years are ending and with them, the legions of investors that have led the nation’s housing recovery. “The Investors Did Their Job,” headlines Clear Capital’s latest market report.  “Can traditional home buyers take it from here?” Deeply ... Read More »

Sagging Sales: It’s Not Just the Weather


It’s hard to build, buy or sell a home in when ice coats the drive and below freezing winds discourage roof inspections.  There’s no doubt this year’s endless winter have curbed construction and sales.  However, sagging sales are not just a function of the nasty weather that will melt away with the first warm days. If that were the case, ... Read More »

What a Housing Recovery Looks Like


It’s official!  All but four percent of the nation’s counties are better off today than they were during the foreclosure floods of four years ago, but only 8 percent of county housing markets are better off than they were eight years ago in 2006 before the housing price bubble burst, according to a new analysis by RealtyTrac. The analysis also ... Read More »

Flat Fourth Quarter Prices Kept Owners Underwater

Couples performing underwater at Weeki Wachee Springs near Brooksville

Flat prices at the end of the year brought to a halt the steady progress that has been made since 2009 to free homeowners from the grips of negative equity.  As a result, some 6.5 million properties are still frozen in place and their owners vulnerable to foreclosure. Some 4 million homes returned to positive equity in 2013, bringing the ... Read More »

Inventory Shortages Linger into the New Year

Jason Meredith  2009

  Inventories continue to linger below seasonal norms, raising the prospect that low supplies of homes for sale will again plague housing markets next spring, inflating prices, reducing choices for buyers and depressing sales. January reports from both and existing homes series from the National Association of Realtors show that sales are down to record lows and inventory shortages ... Read More »

Experts Raise Price Forecast for 2014


A panel of 110 housing economists  has raised its forecast slightly for home price increases in 2014.  The experts expect price increases to slow in 2015 and return to normal levels of appreciation by 2018. The latest quarterly Zillow Home Price Expectations Survey of economists and housing experts raised its forecast for price increases this year from 4.3 to 4.5 ... Read More »

Foreclosures Fell to Seven Year Low Last Year

Foreclosure filings - default notices, scheduled auctions and bank repossessions - were reported on 1,361,795 properties in 2013, down 26 percent from 2012 and down 53 percent from the peak of 2.9 million properties with foreclosure filings in 2010. The 1.4 million total properties with foreclosure filings in 2013 was the lowest annual total since 2007, when there were 1.3 million properties with foreclosure filings. Read More »

Fannie Bets on Builders

Fannie Mae's latest economic outlook for the year is counting on housing to double its contribution to GDP in 2014, largely due to new homebuilding activity. Read More »

Rising Values Freed 1.4 Homeowners from Negative Equity in 2013

Some 9.3 million U.S. residential properties were deeply underwater - worth at least 25 percent less than the combined loans secured by the property - representing 19 percent of all properties with a mortgage in December. That was down from 10.7 million residential properties deeply underwater in September 2013, representing 23 percent of all properties with a mortgage, and down from 10.9 million properties deeply underwater in January 2013, representing 26 percent of all properties with a mortgage. Read More »