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Buyers Cry Uncle

With prices rising every week, lenders as strict as ever, inventories at decade-low levels, interest rates starting to rise and competition for homes breaking their hearts, more and more buyers are reaching their frustration limits. Read More »

Investors No Longer in the Driver’s Seat

After accounting one out of four home sales in the depths of the housing recession and fueled turn-arounds in dozens of markets where waves of foreclosures and battered home values scared off other buyers, real estate investors today are playing a greatly diminished role in the housing recovery. Read More »

Student Loan Debt Won’t Hamper Homebuyers

The rise in student loan debt is certainly a cause for concern, but may not be a significant a drag on young home buyers since the typical borrower has not seen a significant jump in the amount of debt incurred and seems to have a manageable monthly payment. Read More »

“Sand States” are Still the Wettest

Some 10.7 million homeowners, or 22 percent of all residential properties with a mortgage, were in negative equity at the end of the third quarter of 2012, down by 100,000 from the second quarter. But the "sand states", the states that dominated foreclosures for years, still account for a lion's share of underwater borrowers. Read More »

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